2010, 150 UV print on tiles, 300*200 cm (each tile 20*20 cm).

Eden Lazaness, Jerusalem, 2010, 150 UV print on tiles, 300*200 cm

Social geography

A person's geography is constructed according to his life path.
Areas he has not experienced are fable to a name with no actual land.
These foreign grounds are omitted from one's subjective geography and surrounded with borders.
Hence in a society that builds itself geographic boundaries, not according to satellite imagery, but according to socio-cultural life circumstances.
These boundaries and borders are more impenetrable than any fence or wall.

This work deals with the invisible borders between the secular, orthodox and Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem.
These borders are social and cultural borders that are inherent in the Israeli society since infancy.
They are inherent in a way most people don't ponder about them. And who will blame them, in today's demanding everyday life there is no room for these harassing thoughts.

Eden Lazaness, Jerusalem - Detail
Eden Lazaness, Jerusalem